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H100i RGB Platinum pump RGB not working


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Long story short, I swapped out the PSU and graphics card on my wife's computer. I had to swap a bunch of cables. Now the RGB on the pump will not come on. I've tried updating software, replacing cables, including the USB plugged into the pump.


iCue recognizes the RGB, and it even shows it working. I can turn on/off lights on all the fans as expected, but nothing I do seems to get the pump lights on.


I read that several had issues until they connected to a hub or Commanders, so today I snagged a Commander Pro (and the LL120 set since it was there) and connected the USB from the pump to the Commander.


No luck.


Good news, the extra fans and reconfiguration brought the idle temperature down 5 degrees. Bad news, my wife cares more about the RGB than the temperatures.


Any advice? :(

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