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H100i RGB Platinum not showing in icue software.

Captain Brazuca

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To start is all confusing for me.

I have the H100i RGB Platinum connecting to a Corsair Commander Pro both fans and usb 2.0 header. The commander pro connected to motherboard usb 2.0 header. Both commander pro and h100i connected each to a SATA power cable. RGB lighting connected to a 6 output controller that came with the LL120 fans. Now I have a total of 8 fans, 4 that came with the case, and 2 ML 120 which came with the cooler and 2 more LL 120 which I brought to add to the bottom of the case.


So my commander pro shows perfectly fine at the icue software. But I can’t see the H100i RGB Platinum. For the most part I can control the lighting on it, Sometimes I have an issue where the 4th fan in my loop which is one of the ll120 stay very light dim.

My main issue is how can I configure the cpu cooler, also how do I even know it’s running. Is there a safety thing to turn off the computer of it fails?


Cooler is connected like this.

Micro USB to USB 2.0: connected to the commander pro. Maybe I should connect it directly to MB? I need one more port for Flirc. Trying to turn the computer with Alexa, smartthings and Logitech Harmony. In that case can I use an extender? Or would give me the same issue?


Power cable: connected to a Sata port on power supply.


Cpu cable: connected to cpu fan header in the motherboard.


Fan cable: 2 connected to commander pro.


RGB lighting cable: connected to RGB that came with the LL120, the one with 6 ports.


So instead of connecting the cables to the cooler it self I connected it to the controllers which also could be the reason.


Should I connect everything that came with the cooler to the cooler? Or is that setup fine? Can I mix and match fans? Also about the usb 2.0 header do I need to connected straight to the MB? And if I need a usb splitter should I split the commander or the cooler?


Here is the list of parts:









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