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Hi all,


I have just received an Hs70 Pro - headset - all nice but I have run into an issue ...


If I watch a series of youtube videos what can happen is I will get to the end of one and ... as the next one begins to load it won't play the video (swirly circle buffering thing) and eventually I see the message...


"If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device"


While this condition is in effect I can't play local media on my PC. It is like everything has timed out or something. Pulling out the dongle and reinserting seems to clear the issue.


Returning to my regular cabled headset does not create this issue.


I played a long run of Overwatch and that doesnt seem to cause a problem with the HS70 but I cannot launch the game while the situation with media not playing is in effect.


I have tried with iCue running and also closed and either condition the problem can occur with video / youtube not working.


I recall setting a USB sleeping mode to be disabled in Control Panel but without success.


Any ideas what is going on?

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