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Corsair Omega Spec RGB - No lights - Not recognised under devices


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The title says it all really.


Bought TWO of these cases for my nephew's upgrades.


I have only built one so far so I can really test to see if it's a one off or not, but regardless, I've seen one too many threads with this case specifically to feel good about this.


I'm an experienced builder.


Everything is hooked up correctly. SATA powered to both. USB tried in all 3 slots on MOBO.


Fans run fine.


No lights whatsoever on strip or fans. Not at initial boot up. Not ever.


USB ports on MOBO are working as at least one was being utilised previously and I plugged in some old USB 2 expansion ports just to check real quick. All working fine.


I will also say that case came pre-wired and hooked up with node and hub, etc., and it's super super tight angles everywhere. Like I would never have cables bent so tightly RIGHT OUT of where they are connected. Every single connection is like that, and then zip tied that way to boot.




I already built the system without the working RGB as they are pre teen boys and go crazy without their fortnite fix, but what am I supposed to do? I bought the cases for the RGB!

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Have you installed iCUE? Can you show us what's in the iCUE home screen?


I have yes.


It doesn't list anything under Devices.


It's not recognising it at all.


My understanding from already reading as much I could attempting to troubleshoot, is that without SATA, they would register as a device with no lights.


With SATA and no USB connected, the lights would come on but nothing would show up under devices in iCUE.


In this case, everything is connected properly, and neither the lights come on or is it recognised in iCUE.

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