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K95 & 2 Computers


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My daughter bought me a K95 KGB Platinum for Christmas.


At my Office, I have one windows 7 machine that is set up for repairing vehicles. I have a second computer that is used for work requests and administrative uses.


My desk is to small for two keyboards and two mouses. I was hoping to connect my new K95 to both computers and what ever display the mouse is on, the keyboard would work for that computer.


Is this possible with this keyboard? I know some keyboards are designed to work on 2 or 3 computers and I am wonderingf if this keyboard can be configured for such.


Thanks for any help

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1: Very flash keyboard for work computer!

2: Are you saying your mouse works on both PCs already? How do you switch from one to the other?

3: what you seem to want to do would require a keyboard/mouse switch. Effectively a USB hub with a 1-2 (or more) switch that you can plug into multiple PCs.


Something like this...



Hope this helps.

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Ok...Thanks. A competitor has this feature, think the competitors name and add " Flow" Then do a Youtube search for it in action.


Basically both computers have to be on the same network. As the mouse leaves the screen of the computer on the right, it will automatically appear on the computer on the left.


You can also copy and drag files using Flow


This is such a great keyboard, I thought it may have the same feature

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