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Issue with simultaneous key presses.


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I got a K55 keyboard yesterday, and have been experiencing issues with what I assume to be ghosting.

For example, holding down 4 and 5 on the number key row will make 1, 2 and 3 go unresponsive, or holding down both shift keys makes half of the a-z keys go unresponsive...


I thought that "multi-key anti-ghosting" or whatever the advertisements say about the keyboard would cause this to not happen, but other places are saying that the anti-ghosting on the keyboard works flawlessly...


Am I just wrong about what (anti-)ghosting actually means, or did I just get a faulty unit or something?

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Having the exact same issue!



EDIT: Turns out that closing iCUE solves this issue, so it seems to be about software? I will continue to troubleshoot and post here updates.

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