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RGB PRO Black 64GB 3600MHz 2x32GB


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Just ordered this 2x32gb kit from scan in the UK.


Anybody not what IC's this memory will have ?


I have X570 Asrock ITX would love to try and run FCLK @ 1900MHz 1:1


Also, cannot seem to find them on Corsair website, does somebody have a direct link ?



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Im also very interested because I bought this RAM yesterday and it's clearly NOT on Corsairs Website.


Is this some fishy overpriced stuff or discontinued production line? Will it work with the promised settings? I dont care for RGB much but for 3600. :(



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I bought this RAM in december having the same problems with missing information. I took 2 64GB kits running on an Aorus X570 Xtreme motherboard with a Ryzen 3950X. So I'm running 128GB on 4 banks. I try to describe what I've found out.


At first I tried to load the XMP profile. The settings were correctly taken by the motherboard but I had stability issues. I never testet 64GB on 2 banks because 128GB was my goal to achieve. I read very much about RAM and manufacturing etc. Finally I found out you have to learn something about the inner life of your memory. Thaiphoon Burner was the choice to find out.






OK... So Hynix Dies. But why the ??


Then I found this site (sorry, german but look at the graphx. international)




So it is a new die by Hynix called CMR.


Then I started manually configuring my system settings by this graphic in the article:




After lots and lots of tries and errors I came to these settings. My system runs rock stable now. But maybe there's something I can do better? I will see...




And on AIDA64




I hope this isn't too confusing and helps. I like this RAM.







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Thanks for sharing your information!


Great pics also. My RAM Kit comes on tuesday (from Alternate), i will put it on a 3900X and a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra.


Now I'm a bit relieved although it's a bit of a letdown that they are just Hynix Dies. According to various hardware forums it's the worst of the 3 Dies.


But in germany this is the only 2x32GB Kit (dual-channel & dual rank) with 3600 currently available. And you are able to run them at 3800!!! Cl18? This is awesome. Especially with 128GB. I wonder if 3600@CL16 is also possible :O


If you have more infos and/or advice to share, feel free to share:)

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what is the version of your ram? I tested 3.xx (4x32gb kit) and 5.49 (2x32gb kit x2) and both were not compatible. The 3950x was not OC. Are the settings in your screenshot the only ones that you changed? Is your memory voltage considered high and are the memory temps over 55C?
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I have no idea how to check the version. I've got the 2x32gb kit x2. The most important value to get system stable was VDDG voltage. First I ran it at 1090 but put it down to 1070 as it was the lowest value running stable. Processor isn't overclocked yet. Nothing else in Bios changed so far. Perhaps you try a slightly lower FCLK with the same values in RAM-Timings? A friend of mine runs the same RAM on a Master with lower FCLK (think it was 3400MHz) with nearly identically benchmark performance. I'll ask him for details. My highest RAM-temperature after one hour of AIDA-stresstesting is 56°C in Bank 2.
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On the 4x32GB kit, 3200MHz seems to be the upper bounds of stability. Even though we have similar system specs, I am unable to get stable memory benchmarks in memtest at 3600MHz or 3733MHz. It will also randomly BSOD.


I was expecting your scores at 3600MHz+ to be higher than the results I'm getting at 3200MHz. However, I am getting Cinebench R20 scores that are similar to yours even though my memory is slower (3200MHz). If I enable PBO in Ryzen Master, CBR20 reaches 9440 pts.


Were you able to do a full pass of memtest without errors at 3733MHz ?

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