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Trying to figure out how to fit 6x 3.5" HDDs into an Air 540 case


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Hello! I'm figuring out a build for my work (primarily a laptop repair center) and would like to put a RAID 10 array into an Air 540 case. The case fits all of our other needs perfectly, however it only comes from the factory with support for 2x 3.5" disks and 4x 2.5" disks. The build will be utilizing an M.2 for fast storage, so I don't need any 2.5" disks, and we have no expansion cards either (although we'd like to be able to have access to at least one slot when necessary). Is there some sort of internal enclosure out there we can get to replace the 4x 2.5" enclosure to facilitate this? Or some other workaround you can think of? Thanks!
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