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Corsair 465x fans lighting up but not recognised in icue


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This is my first thread here so please tell me if I am doing something wrong! :D:

I purchased a brand new case, the corsair 465x icue rgb!

I build it fully and it looks awesome!

1 problem, my 3 ll120 fans at the front, spin, light up, but dont get recognized in icue!

They have the standard rainbow color, but I can't change it sadly to my setup color theme!


Anyone got a fix?




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I think this is the node core u mean?

It has 2 cables, 1 going to my usb 2.0 header

1 that goes to a sata cable from my psu


my 3 ll120 fans were pre-installed at the right side, in a video I saw someone with those on the left!

Is this maybe the solution? Or should Icue recognize the node core even if the fans are installed in the wrong way?


EDIT: I just tried putting the fans in a diferend order, and on the other side. But they won't light up than.

So I think they are in the right place.

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The fans should be in ports 1-2-3. And iCUE should recognize it regardless of where the fans are installed.


What version of iCUE are you running? Have you tried a repair install? And is the device visible in USBDeView or Windows "Bluetooth & Other Devices" screen?

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