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Professional Individually sleeved DC Cable Kit: disapointment


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I just received today the Professional Individually sleeved DC Cable Kit, Type 3 (Generation 2), WHITE.

And i'm a little bit disapointed : everything we need is in the kit BEHALVE the atx 24 pin.


I took to highest price kit to get everything I need for my HX1000I after looking int hte compatibility chart but now i new to order the atx cable alone.


It's my mistake because now after looking the photos, the atx isn't in it. But there are no description of the list of cables with how many connector for each cables.

ex: 3Xmolex with 3 molex each length 75cm


I think it can be a good idea to add it to avoid putting other customers in the same disappointment as i'm now.

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I have a strange problem.

I ordered an atx cable, this one Individually Sleeved 24pin ATX Cable Type 3 (Generation 2), WHITE.

I installed it today in replacement of original one and PC won't start now.

After powering up, Lights goes up for less than 1 second than everything stopped.

My psu is a HX1000i.

I hope my psu didn't fry neither my MBO.


Do you have any idea?

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