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Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum Fan Problem


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I just bought a new cooler, Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum, Problem i have is the fan speed

If I set the fans in icue to

Quiet fan speed is about 460 rpm

Balanced fan speed = 460 rpm

Extreme fan speed = 845 rpm


Surely the rpm should be a lot higher than this?


I have both ml140pro fans connected to the pump and the RGB connected to the commander pro, everything seems fine, and qfan disabled in bios


Everything worked fine with the h100iv2 that I took out to replace it with the 115i.


Is this a faulty set of fans or am I doing something wrong from the setup I had with the h100iv2

Also on the amazon spec page it says these fans run from 400rpm to 2000rpm, is this correct?


Thanks in advance

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The fan speeds are going to be dependent on the coolant temperature. So ... those fan speeds actually don't sound off at all for a boot configuration before things have really warmed up. Since we don't know the coolant temperature, that's all we can tell you at this point.


You can always create a custom curve or set the fans to a manual speed if you want to verify the speeds. But you cannot compare the speeds on a 280mm 115 to a 240mm 100v2. The fans don't need to spin as fast to get equivalent cooling as you've got significantly more surface area. And 280mm fans don't spin as fast as 240mm fans anyway.

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Ok thanks for the reply

I have set the fans to manual at 100% but they still will not go above 850 ish rpm, I have posted a pic of this.

The coolant temps are low so not sure if this will stop a manual setting from taking

The 100iv2 I had just worked, when I set fans to max the ramped up just seemed a bit different that these fans don't do that.

I did try some gaming but the fans will still not go above 840s

I didn't want to be gaming at some point and then get throttled on the CPU due to cooling, or worse


as a side note, do these fans in fact max out at 2400rpm as the ad on amazon stated?

at least then I will know when they are working correctly


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You've not applied the new settings to the fans.

If you look at the fans, they say "Extreme" under them.

You need to click the fan curve/settings and then click the fan itself.

Take a look at the iCUE videos or my tips & tricks linked below to see how to apply the curves.

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Oh Cr*p so I did, Doh me /facepalm


Yeah, I set them and the fans ramped up as I expected.

Thanks for pointing that out


I did think it was maybe I wired them wrong or something as these fans have extra cables and 2 marked 1 with through cables also


Thanks for the reply, matey

/bow to your expertise


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