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Asus NCCH-DL and Twin2048C2 play well together?


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Found a shop in town here that has one heck of a deal on the Cas2 TwinX modules and wanted to double check that they will work on my Xeon Motherboard.


The part number is TwinX-2048 -3200C2 2 x1024 Dual Channel Kit. My new motherboard is an Asus NCCH-DL, and the memory voltage only allows up to 2.8 V. I plan on running it with a pair of 2.4 Diamond Engineering Sample LV Xeons. Also, will these modules allow me to enable the PAT feature on this board? Right now I am unable to use this feature on my curretn Asus P4p800 board with my old Cas3 Kingston Value Ram 2x512 Kit. What are the requirements to enable PAT?


Thanks in advance for any information!



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With the Springdale chipset PAT is a feature added by the MB maker to enhance performance and would not be supported by the memory, per say the whole system configuration may have an impact on weather or not you can run with this setting. CPU speed, PSU and the Video Card you use can all have an impact. PAM would be used with Canterwood chipset and it part of the chipset spec so again depending on the rest of your hardware the memory should run with it enabled. And Twinx2048-3200C2 should run great in that MB.

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Cheers! Thanks RamGuy - Memory is now ordered.


Here is my new system build BTW



2 x 2.4 Diamond Sample Low Voltage Xeons (Previous owner had them running dual P95 stable 3.5 on stock coolers)

2 GB Corsair TwinX Cas 2 Dual Channel Kit

Enermax 6501 550 Watt EPS PSU

74 GB WD Raptor

200 GB Maxtor DiamondMax

Pioneer Dual Layer DVD/CD Burner

Audigy 2


Now I just ahve to wait for things to tame up around enough for me to throw everything together. :)


Will let you know how everything works out.

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