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Actions stored in the Actions Library getting applied to keyboard against my wishes..


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So I've been having an issue with my K55 and iCUE. Starting today without any warning, the key remaps and macros that I've got stored in my actions library just started applying themselves to keys on my keyboard despite the fact that I don't, and have never, assigned even a single action to my keyboard.


Some examples:


- When I would press "`" the output would be "`-", or "1" would be "1="

- Shift and W macros meant for my mouse that would toggle them on would randomly activate


I've had to completely delete everything I'd saved in my actions library just to be able to write this post because so many key remaps were active that I'd just be typing gibberish interspersed with all-caps and lines of W's. Now, the thing to remember here is 100% of these actions were intended to be used with my brand new Scimitar mouse and I've literally never applied a single action of any sort to my keyboard.


What I'd like to know is if this is a known bug of some sort (googling has produced nothing), or if I've done something wrong in working with the actions library that would have led to this behavior.



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There a dozens of threads in the iCUE and keyboards section discussing the issue which affects versions 3.22 and 3.23. You’ve already discovered the source — the actions Library. Deleting or clearing out the Library resolves it for most people, although there are some specific actions like launch commands that are problematic when assigned in the actual profile. It’s unfortunate you were creating in the Library rather than in a specific profile first. Most actions will not trigger unintended consequences when in the normal profile. Keep your actions library clear until 3.24 fixes this. You still can use the Library to transfer actions to other profiles. Just don’t leave them there.
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