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REALLY bad ram

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I could use some help. I have a stick of memory that worked well for a year or so and then went bad. I have had it sitting now for over a year and it's time to get this taken care of as I could use the memory now.


I am currently running Memtest. So far, (it has been running for about 12 hours) it is on pass 71%-test 50%-test #7, and it looks like it is on pass 23. I have no clue what that means...but so far it has 16878058 errors. Once again, I don't know what the numbers mean, but when I have recently tried using this memory, I could not even get the operating system to load. (That is what happened when the memory first went bad...I was trying to load the operating system.)


I built this system new in 2002. This was the original memory I had gotten to use in this system, and it worked fine. As I said, about a year or so after I had built the system the memory went bad.


When that happened, I did buy some other memory (2 512mb sticks of some cheap stuff, unlike this module, which at the time was about $170.00. The new memory is Centron 512MB DDR-PC266 and I have 2 of those sticks) The system works fine with this other memory.


The system components are:

Asus AV7333 mother board

No overclocking-never have tried overclocking on this or any other system I have built.

Default BIOS settings-in other words-memory timing is by SPD

Motherboard based raid 0 plus another drive as a boot drive

Processor is an AMD Athlon 2100


The stick of ram that is bad is:

Corsair CMX512-2700C2




Is it RMA time...or do you suggest other testing be done?

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