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Corsair Void Pro USB randomly turns off


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Hello, everyone!


First post here, I need help with something annoying that keeps happening to me. I own a Corsair Void Pro headset (not wireless) and since about 3 days ago, my headset has run into a big problem.


After around 3 minutes of using the headset, the beep is played and my entire headset shuts off for around 4-6 seconds, and then another 3 minutes pass and same thing happen again and again. Really annoying, especially when playing CS:GO, since when it happens, all sound is turned off and you need to change the audio settings to get the audio back.


I see this is a lot of problem for many people here, but the thing is that most of you own the wireless headset, while I own the one with a wire. It may happen because the end of my wire is a bit bent, but the wire is not loose or anything.


I have reinstalled the iCUE software like i saw one suggested here on the forums, and at first it seemed to work, but then the issue returned after a while.


I've had this headset for 2 years and it's a mystery why it would happen so suddenly. :confused:


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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