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RMx vs RMi (fan control, noise and temps)


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Hi all, new user here :D:


Been looking for a perfect PSU for my needs and finally narrowed it down to these two models:


- RM650x;

- RM650i;


My components are drawing a maximum of 400W. This really is an overexaggerated number, based on my own calculations. Every web page that offers this kind of calculations says I'm on 300W.


Components are:


- i5-9600K;

- RTX 2060 Super;

- ASUS H370-I;

- Kraken X52 AIO;

- 2x8GB Gskill Trident;

- Samsung Evo 970 M.2;

- 4TB HDD;

- 2x120mm case fans;


For me, silence is the most important factor. My current PSU (XFX XTR2 650W) is loud as hell. It is the loudest part of my setup, so now I'm searching for an alternative.

Was looking at fanless solutions, but I'm not sure how that would affect my overall case temperature. You see, I'm using a NZXT H200i miniITX case. It's a really lovely and compact case but I don't know if the GPU, which is right above the PSU (let's say 5cm), would take the fanless heat.

You see, right now my GPU sits under 50C in idle, so the fans don't turn on. If a fanless PSU's heat causes the GPU fans to start spinning, I would be back where I started, lol.


So a hybrid PSU is the way to go, I think.


What I can't find online is a detailed and straightforward description of fans when comparing RMx and RMi series.

I understand that the RMx has no Link support and rifle bearings, while the RMi has Link support and hydro bearings.


When searching for rifle vs hydro differences my head exploded.

Some say hydro is quieter, some say rifle is better. Some say hydro is better but not in a situation where there will be a lot of starting up and stoping going on since it has to fill up the liquid. Some say they are both the same, the only difference being the naming convention because of the trademark rights.

All I want to know is which is the more quiet bearing.


And another question is in regards to the Corsair Link software that the RMi model uses.

As I understand, I get the option to set my own custom curve for the PSU fan, BUT at the same time this curve has a minimum speed of 40%. I just can't understand the logic behind this limit. Why not being able to set it to a constant 20%? This would be perfect for my situation since I would never be able to hear the fan and at the same time not be afraid of the rising heat.

But 40% is around 700-800 RPM. I'm not claiming super hearing but that is too much for me. Unless the Corsair fans are REALLY good and their 800 RPM translates to sub 20 dBA, which I doubt.


So, uhm...if the custom fan curve on the RMi is really this useless, would I be better off with a cheaper RMx? What is the Watt % for the fans to turn on with the RMx? Will they even turn on in my situation? Because if they won't, I'm probably better off with a fanless solution from Enermax or Seasonic.


Community, please help :eek:

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