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K95 Platinum - can't get into BIOS on PC


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First up, I'm certain this used to work.


I haven't required to get into the BIOS on my PC for some time but today I needed to.


When booting the PC from cold, or restarting from windows, there are no LEDS lit on the keyboard when the PC is starting until Windows starts it's boot sequence.


The result is that the PC is not recognising me pressing F2 or Del key when it's time to get into BIOS.


I've tried to move the keyboard between USB3 and USB2 ports on both the back and front of my PC.


I tried the F1+WinLock button to "enable bios mode" but that didn't seem to help either.


I'm running firmware 3.21.28 and iCue 3.23.66.


Can anyone please assist here?





p.s. plugging in an old Logitech keyboard works fine so it isn't a BIOS setting or the USB ports.

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