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Corsair Vengeance RGB Issues (second set)


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Just built a new computer:



X470 Strix-F

Gigabyte 5700 xt

2x8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200 RAM


When I first set up my computer, I set the BIOS to make the ram do 3200. Everything worked fine for a few days until I tried to play Apex Legends and the game shut down after getting a memory error. I restarted my computer and noticed one stick was red and the other was off. When the computer loaded back up and iCUE loaded, the sticks went back to green.


I returned to sticks and got a new set. Rainbow everytime on start up, until just now I had the same error trying to play APEX LEGENDS. Now my ram restart in these colours until iCUE loads and they go back to green.


My concern is that the ram should be rainbowing at load and they aren't which means something is wrong. My other concern is that a video game is crashing with 16gb of ram and nothing else happening in the background.


Can anyone give me any insight to what is going on? Is this normal? Is there a way to get the rainbow effect back during start up? I'm completely lost right now.


Thanks in advanced



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