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PSU current leakage, how bad is it?


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The short story;

components in my computer stopped working and I noticed a quite powerful current leaking from the PSU and case .


So I just received a new computer case and moved my system into said case.

the system in use is under 6 months old was was functioning just fine.

that is, until the day I received the case.while using the system in the old case I lost the signal to my monitor while the rest seemed to.functiin normally. Assuming a faulty GPU i replaced.it with an old one, which worked fine.


The next day I assembled the.system.intonthe new case, using the original GPU just to.see if it was.still dead. The system booted up,showed the bios loading screen,then went black and stayed black.

so I replaced it with the spare GPU, which also didn't work.

Disassembling it, I got a shock touching the PSU.

Googling it, all the comments.ts I found on this say ”its normal”.


anyway, went to a computer repair shop while tested the PSU and said it's OK but the motherboard was broken.

So I got a new mobo,reassembled the computer and it works,but still getting a quite powerful leakage from the PSU.


The PSU is less than 6 months old,but I never noticed this leakage before.Maybe because I always unplug the power before I handle my hardware and maybe because the old case was mostly plastic on the outside whereas the new one is all steel.


so the question is, how bad is this and was.it responsible for killing my motherboard and spare GPU? Should I get a replacement PSU before starting my computer again?


Additional info: Wall socket has ground and so does the new case.

PSU is a corsair SF600 gold.

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