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Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 C16


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Hi guys.


I'm trying to see if i can get better timings/overclock.


But i can see there are different dies according to the rams ver.


The version number states which IC type is used on that specific piece. According to the Corsair version scheme, that was implemented sometime during the DDR3 days:


Ver4.31 = Samsung 8GBit B-Die

Ver5.32 = Hynix 8Gbit CFR (they are probably either AFR or MFR, though)

Ver5.39 = Hynix 8GBit MFR


How do i see what ver. my ram has? :)


OBS! I found it on the ram mudules/sticks! This can be deleted/closed!!!

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Found the solution
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