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My Setup Has Changed HELP Please!


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Ok so this is what I have.


Corsair h100i Platinum (including: ML120 Fans x 2)

Corsair QL120 Fans x 7

Corsair Lighting Node CORE x 2

Corsair Commander Pro x 1


In the Commander Pro I have the 2 USB Connections 1 for the h100i & 1 for 1 Lighting Node CORE which takes 6 of the QL120 Fans meaning I have ONE extra QL120 Fan & 1 extra Lighting Node CORE.


I suppose I can hook the single QL120 into the extra Lighting Node CORE OR is there another way just using a splitter between the extra fan and one of the existing ones and keep control over everything?


I think I'm planning to put 4 QL120s on the front of my case, 2 QL120s on the bottom of my case & 1 QL120 on the Rear exhaust on my case & then have the 2 ML120s on the radiator at the Top of my case.


The other option is to run 4 QL120s on the front, 2 QL120s on the Radiator at Top & 1 QL120 as the Rear Exhaust and then the 2 ML120 fans on the bottom but since the h100i doesnt support the QL120s that would probably cause more issues and more headaches for connecting everything.


So what is the best and easiest solution to be able to sync all 7 QL120 fans? Can I use a splitter somehow off of a pair of QL fans or is the easiest thing to do to just use the SECOND Light Node Core I have and hope I have enough internal usb headers? Is there a splitter to run the extra fan off of just one usb header that the main set of Commander Pro and first Light Node CORE use?


Sorry I'm just a but confused now and would like to know the best way to connect everything to keep control over everything and keep the light patterns synced.


Thanks Again


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No, the Platinum coolers do not support the QL fans AND the MLs do perform a good deal better on radiators. You are best off keeping the ML fans on the cooler and using the QLs for airflow around the case.


RGB Fan Splitters are available from a 3rd party. They are not made or endorsed by Corsair, so bear that in mind. You can find them at http://www.piratedogtech.com. And you can put seven on of them on a single LNC or Fan Hub.

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Right, so since i have 2 CORES i didnt want to waste an entire one for just one QL, so I can just connect 2 QLs with a splitter to keep it to 6 connections and then I'll still have an extra CORE for expansion.


Oof, that site has alot of cables, which one should I be getting? Just so I dont screw up, it would just be a rgb fan to light node core and I guess I'd need a splitter to connect to the ComPro also correct? Looking at the site I'm confused on labels as to which those are.

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