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Changing side panels on a 100R Silent case?


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I put a Ryzen 3700X in a Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition case. My temps reach 95C+ when the system is running 6 or more threads at 100% CPU usage each and doing OpenCL crunching on my GTX970 at the same time. In addition to turning all fans to "full speed" I had to turn on "Eco Mode" in the BIOS which reduced my CPU from 65W TDP to 45W TDP. That gives me temps in the 85-90C range.


The stock case fans do not seem to be moving enough air so I have ordered 2 Noctua 120mm high air flow, high pressure industrial grade case fans. These should arrive around around Christmas. It's going to add a lot of noise to the system but at the same time it might add years of life to the CPU. If this doesn't work or turns out to cause too much noise and my house mates complain I need to have a Plan B


Since there are no tubing holes in my case I can't set up an external liquid cooling system. The only other way I can think to add radiator large enough to handle the heat is to switch out my side panel for one with holes in it and mount a 240 or 280 AIO radiator there. Is this possible?


If not Plan C is buy a case that can keep the system cool. It might even be cheaper than an AIO.

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