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Requesting help for RGB setup


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Hi all, first time posting here. I want to start by thanking all previous posters for the copious amount of info available on here! Here is the problem I'm having


For clarity I will post all that I have just purchased


1x Crystal 570x Case (with 3x SP120 which I am not going to use)

2x QL 140mm fans [placed in front] (had to purchase as 2 singles due to amazon availability)

3x LL 120mm fans [placed two in the top and one in the back]

4x Vengeance Pro RGB RAM 3000Mhz (4x8GB)

1x Lightning Node Pro w/ 4x RGB strips

1x Commander Pro

1x Void Pro

1x K70 MK2


After reading as much as I could, I see that I am supposed to connect all fans and pwm cables to the CoPro in correct order. I connected all 5 fans in order and then connected the led cable from that respective RGB LED hub to LED 1 in the CoPro. When I do this, my first four fans light up and spin fine, but my back fan spins, no LED. I even tried separating The QLs onto one rgb led hub and the LLs onto a second hub and still have the same problem. The ONLY way I have gotten all 5 fans to light up is by plugging them into one hub in random order, but when I do this, I can tell that not all of my LEDs are lighting up on all fans, one of my QLs only appears to be using half of its LEDs while the rest appear to be fully lit. I am at a loss on how to fix this.


I am also hearing that I might need to be using a Lightning Node Core for the QL fans, which I did not receive on account of having to buy two singles. I'm a bit upset at the thought of having to buy yet another piece of equipment after dropping like $1000 on corsair products, but would like to know if this is necessary. And if so, are there any available to purchase individually? I do not see any available anywhere on the internet.


I am happy to answer any follow up questions anyone might have (to the best of my ability, I am only about 6 months into the PC world) :)


Thanks in advance!

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The fans really should be on separate channels. You'll need 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs - these usually come in the multipacks of LL, HD, and SP fans but you didn't get any multipacks. So you'll have to get them from Corsair.com (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Accessories/CORSAIR-RGB-Fan-LED-Hub/p/CO-8950020). You can then put the QL fans on one channel/hub and the LL fans on the other channel/hub.

[Quick note ... you can get away with putting them all on one hub and configuring them as QL fans ... it'll work ... but effects will be off and configuration will be a bit wonky. But it will work ].


Oh ... wait one ... you have an RGB Fan LED Hub that came with the case!!! Remove the fans and the push-button fan controller!! Then you just need one more hub!


Your Commander Pro will have 2 of the RGB Fan LED Hub cables to connect the fan hubs. They are 2-wire/3-pin female to female cables. Make sure you hold on to them!

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So I do have 2 rgb hubs. I have the one that came with my case and the one that came with my triple pack of LLs. One thing I'm unsure on is when I do use 2 separate hubs, I know I would of course put my first 2 QLs on ports 1 and 2 for the first hub. On my SECOND hub, due I need to plug fans 3 4 and 5 into ports 1 2 and 3? or 3 4 and 5? Thank you for your reply!
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