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Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless: Problem with VLC

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i bought the Void Pro RGB Wireless Headset two weeks ago.


During Gaming or listening music over youtube everything seems fine.


When I open a video file or a music file with VLC Media Player the Headset works great but if i then open another video or music file it take some time for the Headset to work. I hear a rattle on the left side and then it works.

But sometimes there will be no tone anyway. I have to turn the Headset on/off to get it work.


Does anyone else have problems with VLC and the Void PRO Wireless?


Sorry for my bad english.

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I have exactly the same issue. Exactly.


It felt like it started for no apparent reason.

No specific change was recently made to the PC when it started.

No update, no new program installed, no clean-up, nothing. It just "suddenly" started.


It began a few days ago, which explains my presence here. I looked up to see if it was a known issue. Since I'm the first one to reply to your comment, I guess not many people experience the issue. Also, the somewhat triviality of it could explain why I'm the first one to reply.


Did you search and find a solution? I hope the issue is felt as trivial for you also.

Your English is quite good by the way.

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I am also having this same issue. If I watch a video or other media (e.g. youtube, twitch) or play a game, the headset works fine but then if I try to switch over to VLC, I get a buzzing rattle in the left ear before the sound will work (if it works at all). I also don't see anything other than your two replies.
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I also am having issues with the same problems and with just vld. i tried to quit the icue and then its working perfectly. i guess corsair need to make an update on this cause its a big issue. if i have vlc on and playing some kind of game and the music stops or it changes to another one then suddenly the sound both for the game and for the music stops. i can see that there is ppl from last year having this problem wonder why corsair dont fix this and release an update which is greatly needed.

it fixed it for me when i put the stereosetting in sound in vlc as stereo. before it was on headset and it wouldnt work try that maybe it works for you too.

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Solution - 1

Issue isn't Corsair related, and can be fixed simply enabling the "Windows Sonic for Headphones" for your Device. to do following:

Right click on Speaker and select Open Sound Settings

scroll down to Related settings and click on "Sound control panel"

highlight your playback device (CORSAIR VOID) and click Properties.

In the resulting window click the Spatial Sound tab and then choose “Windows Sonic for headphones” from the drop-down and click OK.


But solution 1 f*cks up the sound in game, so im carrying using a simple Stereo switch in VLC itself every time i run the media file

VLC-> click on Tab "Audio", then ->Stereo Mode -> switch to Stereo


I will update if I find anyu better solution


Thats it, should be working now!!!


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