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570x Fan setup question


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Hey everyone,


I am receiving my 570x this week and I am having some trouble figuring out my fan configuration.


I want to keep the 3 sp120s in the front

I will be adding an h115i 280 with the included ml140s front mounted against the 3 sp120

and I would like to add 3 more ML120, two at the top and one in the back.

I also have the corsair lightstrips and one lighting node pro.

what would be the most appropriate way to wire this all?


Thanks everyone for the help

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you cant mix different fans,on the same controller and you want to have a total of 8, your best options is to to get a COMMANDER PRO, connect the 3 SP fans to the fan hub that comes with your case, and connect the other 5 ML fasns to the commander pro . the light led strips can be connected to the commander pro, and you can use the lnp with the original fan hub that will have the 3 120 sp fans, the lnp gives you control from the pc rather than from the buttons on the case .
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