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Scimitar Pro RGB feedback


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My feedback on Corsair Scimiar Pro RGB mouse.


The bad :

- Mouse feels very slippery to me, when i lift the mouse it almost falls off my hand and if i grip it any harder im going to press the thumb buttons.

- Thumb buttons are worse than they were in my old Razer Naga 2014, they are slippery, wobbly and somewhat hard to distinguish cap between buttons. Maybe adding some short of rubber coating would help on the slipperyness even if that rubber coating would only be on those 2 columns of darker colored thumb buttons.

- iCue harder to configure buttons than example Razer Synapse. But when you find how it done i guess its ok.


The good :

- Mouse sensor seems to be very good, even in faster movements. Much better than my old mouse.

- Glides very well on my mousepad.

- Cord seems like very good quality braided cord. Maybe too thick to my liking but its good.

- 12 button thumb pad is good sized and adjustable, seems to be just right for my thumb finger, there are still bad things about those buttons but at least partly is well done


I would say still overall better than my old Razer Naga 2014 with its frequent tracking issues etc..

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