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Problem of frequency PC4000 XMS Pt twin

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here my configuration: http://forum.rue-montgallet.com/configuration.php?config=ruemontgallet.inc&pseudo=ducroboll


Summary configuration: Asus A8V Deluxe rev 2 AMD 64 3500+ Newcastle Corsaire XMS Pt 4000 Twin I do not arrive has to make function my PC4000 XMS Pt with more than 220 MHz either 440 MHz instead of the 250 MHz or 500 MHz announcing by the manufacturer (with it impossible Boot) I have to regulate the Timings on 3/4/4/10 to 2.8 V and


what can I make?


(I do not speak very quite English, therefore my advertisement A was translated by the translator of Google. )


thank you very much !

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Laissez-vous tomber le multiplicateur pour l'unité centrale de

traitement ? votre unité centrale de traitement ne pourrait pas

pouvoir manipuler les vitesses overclocking au multiplicateur de

défaut, également le multiplicateur de HTT pourrait devoir être

abandonné 4x ou 3x au frm 5x, comme thats un autre point faible,

depuis 5x220 = 100 et 5x250 = 1125, dont tous les deux pourraient

excéder votre limitation de jeu de puces de cartes mères


Also cpu @ 220 = 2.42Ghz

@ 250 = 2.75Ghz

Your cpu stock Mhz = 2200Mhz,soulevez la tension d'unité centrale de traitement un peu plus haut

si vous prévoyez à l'overclock, ou laissez tomber le multiplicateur

si en ne voulant pas excéder le mégahertz courant


please reply in english if possible :sunglasse

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In english :

Yes I have to lower the multiplier, to keep the frequencies of origin of the CPU 250 FBS X 9 Coef = 2250 MHz, the HTT is regler with 800 in the bios, once overcloker it arrives at approximately 996


My CPU 3500+ functions @2700 MHz to 1.75 V (stable), it supports also 275 X 8 = 2200 MHz by desynchronizing the memory in DDR 333 it is thus not has my opinion a problem of CPU.


En francais :

Oui j'ai baisser le multiplicateur , pour garder les frequences d'origine du CPU

250 FBS x 9 Coef = 2250 Mhz , Le HTT est regler à 800 dans le bios , une fois overcloker il arrive à environ 996


Mon CPU 3500+ fonctionne @2700 Mhz à 1.75 V (stable), il supporte aussi 275 x 8 = 2200 Mhz en désynchronisant la mémoire en DDR 333 ce n'est donc pas a mon avis un problème de CPU.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, this MB and CPU will top out at about 220-230 Mhz when running the memory 1-1, this is normal for this hardware. I would suggest testing the modules on another system if you can as that would really help isolate the problem. But I have no problem replacing your modules if you want to try that.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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I have already to place the frequency of memory to DDR400 with the whole of central processing unit of treatment at 200 En megahertz change in the bios synchronizations with Cas the 3-3-3-8 central processing unit boot not. As under Windows synchronizations, the PC freeze change some manuelement.


With Mentest I had to place the frequency of memory at 250 megahertz Cas 3-4-4-8; the central processing unit to 1000 MHz; and there was no error. In this day, I resell my PC4000 Corsair for me satisfied with PC3200 which will largely be are enough for me.


thank you

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