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Harpoon RGB Wireless Firmware Update


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Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again.


OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit

USB version: 3.1

iCUE version: 3.23.66

Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70

Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49

Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58

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Weird thing is that I was able to update my K63 Wireless keyboard. But my Harpoon Wireless mouse always fails the update. I thought something was defective with it but everything is working (wired, 2.4G, bluetooth). Even so, it would be great to have the latest version as the current firmware of my mouse didn't even made it to version 1.0.
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