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Help With h100i Plat and 4 QL120 Fans Please!


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Hello All,


First I have read the post that shows all of the products and their descriptions but I'm still confused as to how I would hook all of this together to be able to control it in iCue.


I have the H100i 240mm Platinum with the 2 ML Fans but I was going to get 4 LL120s until I saw the QL. So I saw the QL come with Lighting Node Core.


How would I set this all up to be controllable, I also have the vengeance pro rgb memory but that doesnt matter here.


I saw the QL and light node pro can take 6 fans, I'd have 4 QL and then the 2 ML that are with the h100i platinum. So can I run all 6 fans to the light node core or do I need to split the 2 up because one is ml and one set is ql? Do I also need a commander pro? Or can I set the h100i up with it's own hardware and the 4 ql with their own hardware and still have icue control?


I've never installed all of these lights along with a cooler and a matching software before.


Currently my PC is apart so I'd like to understand this ASAP especially if I need to order extra stuff since I've already spent about $3500 in the last 2 weeks.


Thanks for the help!


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