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H115i Platinum pump DOA?


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I received my H115i today and think I installed it completely correctly.


First boot the pump sounded a bit loud and slightly whining or grinding but hard to say for sure whether the sound is abnormal. Doesn’t help that I had both sides off my pc. (I only have experience with one other WC setup so somewhat a novice there)


What was abnormal was temps hitting like 73C with nothing running except HEINFO.


Shut my PC down... check connections... power cable is connected, USB header... fans were turning, LED’s on my fans and the pump were running...


Yet in BIOS I was hitting 68C. Bios is reporting the “pseudo” cpu speed the pump is providing.


The pump is warm so one can assume that it is in contact with the cpu heat spreader, (and if it wasn’t it would likely have gotten a lot hotter a lot quicker)


I turned off ASUS qfan... although not sure why that would matter as the cpu tach feedback has only one wire connected so there is no real potential for the MB to mess with the cooler operation,


After my Enermax 280 AIO crapped out after 22 months just yesterday... I am kind of stunned to apparently have received a DOA Corsair.


Any ideas or is my unit really dead ? (CPU is Threadripper 1950x with NO overclocking)



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It appears like you had a flow restriction in the form of a pinched tube or something similar. That's not supposed to happen and it should take malicious intent to choke off the flow. It appears to be working normally now, but you'll have to assess if the hose is prone to crimping or closing down the flow. You have more options now, although the Corsair warranty is 5 years.
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Thank you for the reply!


I can say conclusively that there was no kink in the tubing. That tubing would be hard to kink to begin with yes, but I was super careful with it... And the bends were of very high radius.


It's really peculiar. I turned one of the swivel fittings a little... No change. Then the other, maybe around 1/10th - 1/8th a turn... Temps plummeted and have been stable now. I guess I should contact support to see if they have any insight.


The teardown done by Gamers Nexus of the 115i platinum gives me no indication of what may have caused it.

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Another possible (and more likely than a pinched tube) is you had one really large air bubble blocking the flow. Usually you get some noise with that (static clicks) but not necessarily when it's one large bubble. It released, flow improved massively. Obviously this is speculative, but pinched tubes don't happen often, but bubbles out of the box certainly do. Just finished refilling my loop. That massive bubble at the top of my CPU block was driving me insane until I could tilt the case to release it.
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