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So I ran into an issue with my Ironclaw RGB Wireless where it would behave as if iCue weren't open and my Profile would switch to the Hardwired ones. I see many others have experienced this same issue which seems to have come with the update that took place between 12/5/19 and 12/11/19 this month.


  • In iCue it listed a series of (1)s after the name
    In the middle of games the profile would switch along with DPI It would work again if I took out and reinserted the dongle or power cycled the mouse.
    Soft resets didn't work, and Corsair hasn't responded to my service request from a week ago now with the firmware to hard reset the mouse.


This was frustrating as I couldn't last 10 minutes without the settings being lost and changing up in the middle of games I was playing.


BUT the good news is that after I decided to go ahead and revert back to iCue version 3.21.88 last night, I haven't had a single issue since then. I'm currently in a Destiny 2 session for a little over 2 hours and haven't had any issue at all. I think this is the best that can be done until a new iCUE version comes out that addresses the issue.




So after playing for about 4-5 hours the problem eventually came back, I think this is the longest I've been able to play continuously without problems since the issue first arose last week. I'm going to keep messing around and see if I can figure this out.

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