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Bottom of XG7 is perfect size for EVGA RTX logo


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Just added an EVGA 2080 Super Black and XG7 to my build, replacing a dead EVGA 2070 XC and XSPC Razor Neo block. 2070 is off for RMA, and will be sold with the XSPC block when it returns.


Got to looking at the XG7 after the install, and decided it needed a bit more bling, or a bit more branding, anyway, because in my vertical mount all you could see was the Corsair logo.


Turns out, the "EVGA GEFORCE RTX 2080" badge on the side of the stock cooler is a perfect fit for the bottom raised edge of an XG7.




Use a spudger or thin tool to start removing the EVGA badge from one end, then just slide the tool underneath the entire length to cleanly remove it. There's enough adhesive left over to stick it securely to the XG7.




I did the same thing with the little offset "Super" badge as well, but not real happy with it, it's probably coming off.


If you want to be a little more subtle, the smaller badges on the top of the cooler also come off, and might look nice on the top of the XG7, on either side of the distribution block for vertical mounts. If you standard mount it, just the "GEFORCE RTX 20x0" badge just barely fits between the distro block and the power connectors.


If I didn't want to be able to put this back on the stock air cooler in case of RMA, I could have trimmed the "EVGA" end to allow room for the Super badge on the same side, without covering the Corsair logo.

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