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Esc key muting after iCue update


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Hi1 After updating iCue to the latest version the esc key also acts as the volume mute on/off. I've tried going to apps and feature > icue > modify > repair and re installing the strafe rgb's firmware.


As a temporary fix I added to my profiles a remap key esc to volume up and to retain the original key output, so the volume mutes and unmutes immediately and esc still works as usual.


Any idea how to permanently fix this?





Note: this only occurs with icue open.

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I have the same problem.

K95 RGB Platinium


I have set CTRL+9 for Microphone Mute (G6) and CTRL+8 for Speaker Mute (G5).


Now when I'm in Teamspeak or Discord and press the G6 and G5 keys they work too.


But if I press ESC my microphone is muted and if I press F1 my speaker is muted.


If the Icue software is switched off and he uses the hardware profiles he doesn't do that anymore and everything works fine again.


I have deleted the memory from the K95 and all profiles, and I have also completely reinstalled the software.


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