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Corsair H100i RGB Pro Platinum not showing up in iCue


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today I've installed a Corsair AiO H100i Pro RGB Platinum together with 3 additional ML120 RGB Fans, a RGB Light Strip from the Lighting Expansion Kit and everything is linked up to the Commander Pro.


At first my system wouldn't boot up. I tried some solution and apparently one of them worked even tho I didn't even made any changes in the BIOS/UEFI. (On the added picture you can see what message I got sometimes. Not always what also was kinda weird).


Both the fan connectors (PWM and RGB) on the H100i are connected to the Y-Cables from the AiO. The USB cable is plugged into one of the Commander Pro USB Port extensions and the 3-Pin Header is on the CPU_FAN connector which is disabled in BIOS/UEFI. Also on the Commander Pro are 3 4-Pin PWM connecters from the other 3 ML120 RGB fans and the RGB connectors are plugged in to an RGB Hub which then is plugged in to the second Commander Pro RGB Port. The Lighting Extensions Kit RGB Strip is on the other RGB Port on the Commander Pro by itself. The Commander Pro, RGB Hub and H100i AiO are all connected to SATA for power.


The H100i is working fine but it doesn't show up in iCue. The Commander Pro and the Vengeance Pro RGB RAM is also showing up as well as my K70 MK.2 RGB. With the USB detection tool from nirsoft I already checked, if the H100i is showing up correctly and it is not. In the Device Manager is an "unknown usb device" it says it could not read the informations from the usb device.


I already switches between the usb ports on the Commander Pro but it doesn't change anything.


iCue and all the Firmware is updated and essentially working.



What could be the reason that the H100i is not showing up in iCue or even in a usb detection software? Do you have any ideas what I could? I thought about trying out Corsair Link if this fixes the problem by any chance.


I just want to control everything from the H100i, RGB and Fan Speed with iCue


I hope you can help me :(:


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