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iCUE doesn't work for me


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Hi! I recently bought Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless headset, and was really happy for it - for a short time. The iCUE program started messing everything up right away, I have never had to reboot my computer as many times as with iCUE. When the program was running and I was browsing Youtube - even it gave me totally new error message, one I have never seen before - If video playback doesn't start soon - please restart the device. However, shutting down, reseting or restarting the headphones didn't do anything. Also Audacity and several other media players kept crashing when trying to run them with iCUE on the background. So - as a fix I got rid of it. I don't really need RGB colors anyway - I don't see them in a headset :P But things got very weird after removing iCUE. Now I can't see if the headset is on or off. It doesn't even show the small led which should let me know about my battery level. But the headset finally works, so I guess I'll rather suffer with this than everything crashing down.


Any suggestions how to make iCUE work better or to get at least the very basic useful lights to use without all that flashiness I really don't need anyway ?

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