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I cant use the "Ñ" key.


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Well, i am spanish(sorry for my english) so i use a lot the 'Ñ'....the isuee: Yesterday, all ok. 0 problems. i had this keyboard for like 1,5 year and 0 isuee. Today, the keyboard dont recognize any 'Ñ' key taps(doesn't register a hit when I press it).


+I tried:


-Use old keybord on my PC= 0 problems, i can use 'Ñ' key. So, no windows problems, i think.


-I see the keyboard configuration= its Spanish, but i still cant use 'Ñ' key.


-Use the k95 on a FRESH PC= I still cant use 'Ñ' key.


-Softreset= i still cant use 'Ñ' key.


-Change the keyboard configuration= i still cant use 'Ñ' key. Its like the key is dead....no matters the input word. Ñ, m, n, numbers, no matters. The input dont log anything.


-Reset the ICUE software and try old versiones= i still cant use 'Ñ' key.


Any tips, guys? Or i must use the RMA of my shop(PComponentes)?

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