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[Bug Report] Exiting Fullscreen Apps with iCue Open Causes Virtually Stuck Shift Key


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Hello everyone!


First poster here. After multiple days of trial and error, research, and annoyance, I've discovered a very specific and odd iCUE bug that may be affecting hundreds of users across many Corsair keyboards. Here it is:


When iCUE is open, exiting fullscreen applications (usually games, sometimes media) can cause the shift key to become "virtually stuck." It shows up in the Windows 10 virtual keyboard, and somehow causes all keyboards plugged into the computer to be affected. It only goes away when you restart iCUE.


The key itself is not faulty, and it has nothing to do with the keyboard firmware. I know this because I've found hundreds of reports of "virtually stuck shift keys" across many keyboards, even brand new ones, with no fixes. Some people (like me) even tried reinstalling keyboard drivers, checking sticky keys, and doing a complete windows reinstall. The only thing I've found that works is turning iCUE off and back on.


Super annoying bug, and incredibly hard to research. I haven't found a single person who figured this out yet, which is why I wanted to post. I hope it's easy to fix, and gets resolved with either a windows update or iCUE update in the near future. It's annoying to need to restart iCUE every now and then, but at least now I know how to fix it, short of restarting my whole computer. My hope is that this post might help anyone who has this bug, or help Corsair fix it and therefore save lots of money on people who replaced keyboards or switched off Corsair products (which I generally love).


Wasn't sure where exactly to post this, so if you do, please spread the news if you are a more experienced forum user than I. :biggrin:

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