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LL Series RGB Fans with Commander Pro


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Hey all,


Just recently swapped cases and thought I should add some color to my build. I bought a pack of 3 LL120 fans, an LED strip pack, and the Commander Pro. I've hooked everything up the way I think it was supposed to be done, but I'm left with no RGB on the fans (But they are spinning). I seem to think that I may have hooked something up incorrectly. Below are the connections I've made:


Commander Pro -> Motherboard (USB 2 Header)

Commander Pro -> Power Supply (SATA Power)


RGB Fan LED Hub -> Power Supply (SATA Power)

RGB Fan LED Hub -> Commander Pro (LED Slot 1)


3x LL120 Fans (PWM) -> Commander Pro (Fan slots 1-3)

3x LL120 Fans (RGB) -> RGB Fan LED Hub (Slots 1-3)


2x LED Strips -> Commander Pro (LED Slot 2) (Working!)


Is there any reason why the fans may not be lighting up? I have set channel 1 in iCUE to 3 LL series fans and have assigned them a pattern, but still nothing. I should note that the RGBs in slot 2 are working perfectly fine.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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So ... it does sound like you've done everything correctly.

Double check your connections and power. You also might want to try switching channels with the strips.

From there, check the fans. Rearrange them on the hub keeping them in ports 1, 2, and 3.


To my surprise, I swapped the fans in slots 1/2 and they all started working. Not sure what the issue was, but I ended up just re-mounting the fans to match the new order and fixed the module in place. Thanks for the help.

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