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need help with my new setup


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hi there,


first of all, sorry for my bad english, but i try to do my best ;):


how the title shows, i need some help with the connection of my new setup, but only with the RGB-parts.


Here is a list of the parts i already bought:


-Corsair Obsidian 1000D

-Corsair HX850i PSU

-XC7 RGB CPU-Cooler

-2 XR7 480 Radiators

-1 XD5 RGB waterpump

-1 3-Fan-pack LL120 RGB

-7 LL120 RGB Fans ( 5 for the rest of the radiators, and 2 for the back of the Obsidian1000D )

-1 Corsair RGB LED Fan Hub seperatly


Made with the configurator from the Corsair-Website, here´s the configurationcode : Mffh39


Now my questions, i have 1 Commander pro (comes with the Obsidian), have 10 LL RGB-Fans ( 8 for the radiators and 2 for the back of the case ), 2 RGB LED Fan Hubs, the Waterpump, the CPU-Cooler, the Lightning-Node with 4 LED-Stripes, the IO-Ports from the Case and the Powersupply.


Everything should be connected and controlled by the iCue-software, need i some special cables to run the complete parts without problems or should i buy a seccond Commander Pro ? If i need some cables who don´t come with the parts, which would that be?


Motherboard will be an Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, but i will controll all the fans over iCue, not with the Motherboard.


And what is the best order to connect the parts?


Any help would be appreciated, much thanks in advance!

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hi again,


now i have already bought a second commander pro and hope i can everything connect in this way:



The led-stripes and the front IO from the case to the lightning node pro.


The CPU-cooler and the waterpump (the RGB-cables) at the second commander pro.


Both LED-Fan-Hubs with the 10 LL-Fans at the integrated commander pro.


The temperatur-sensor and the pwm-connector from the waterpump at the integrated commander pro, also the other 3 temperatur-sensors to the integrated commander pro.


The 10 fans (PWM-connectors) divided to both commander pro´s.


Then connecting the USB from the integrated commander to the motherboard, and both, the lightning node pro and the second commander pro to the USB-Connectors from the integrated commander pro.



Could this be the way to go or have i some thinking mistakes in my planing?

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2x 480mm XR7 will provide you a ton of cooling but I’m not seeing any VGA blocks. Do you plan on cooling the video cards as well? Otherwise, this setup is way overkill.


I would have chosen the ML instead of the LL. They offer much more static pressure, which can help, more so as you are using the thicker 70mm radiator. The ML RGB has slightly less performance than the regular, non-RGB ML, but both are still better than the LL.


About wiring, you can either plug the fans into a PWM cable splitter, or purchase another Commander Pro, which is what you already did.


All in all, if you are not going to add any VGA cooling to this loop, it should be able to sustain very low temperatures, even with less than ideal fans on radiators. I still think it looks overkill.

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Hi hquest, thanks for your answer.


Actually there´s no vga-block, because of my GeForce GTX 1080ti. I will skip the RTX-family and wait for the vga cards who will come 2020.

With the new card i will install a vga-loop then, until then i have a little cooling surplus ;)

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