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[H115i Pro] CPU temp high


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I just made my first water cooled build and I'm a bit worried about the CPU temperature on idle.




Cooler: H115i pro installed on top, in pull configuration

CPU: i7-8700K

MB: Asus Z390-E gaming

Ram: 2x32GB

Case: Define R66

Front: 2 intake fans

Back: 1 Exhaust

(room temp around 20°)


I haven't installed any IOS yet so I can't stress test it, but just checking the BIOS, the CPU runs at around 50-54° and I feel like it's already way high.

I applied a normal amount of thermal paste and the pump should be installed properly.


Again, I'm pretty noobish, so I'll take any info!


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So there's definitely something wrong.

I've installed windows and LINK and I get those results:


- idle in quiet: around 40°


- simply playing a youtube video: around 75° https://i.imgur.com/mDV7tdz.png


- doing some 3D (photogrammetry) that's fairly CPU intensive, it instantly shoots to 100° and stays there. Even after stopping it barely goes back down to ~70° https://i.imgur.com/xJ72Ovi.png



I've just tried the exact same 3D procedure with my previous computer (a 6y old i7-3820 with a noctua fan) and the CPU temp rarely went above 40°... https://i.imgur.com/FJJFSG4.png


What am I missing there? Should I try to remove then reapply some thermal paste + the pump?

Thanks in advance!

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It reads like a contact issue between the CPU and block. Make sure you have the right standoffs, the bracket on the back of the MB is orientated the right way (and not crooked on the little peg) and then you probably do need to take the block off and check to see if the TIM evenly spread out. I suspect its going to look fairly unblemished.
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Yeah. The standoffs and bracket were fine but I cleaned up the pump and CPU thoroughly and reapplied a layer of thermal paste and upon restart the changes were drastic.

I'm now around 25° on idle, and running the same 3D test, it never went above 50°.

My sanity is now restored!


Thanks for the input!

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