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Scimitar Pro and iCUE user guide


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I bought this mouse so I could bind macros to a button for an online game I play that typically takes 4 or 5 clicks to execute. I can only find the quick start guide online and zero explanation for how to setup and configure the mouse for:


- A profile

- Map a button to a macro

- Getting to the end goal of press button 3 and it executes the 4 or 5 clicks I would like it to do


At this point a mouse recorder actually works better than this. It seems the mouse is really good at mapping to a keyboard shortcut like Button 1 maps to pressing the K key but when I go to record a macro I get about 500 "steps" that all amount to Click left button 10 times. Short of being led by the hand through a setup is there just a user guide that explains the features and setup for the iCUE software?? I can't seem to find it.



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One full month with the mouse and I am still using it as I would any other 2 button mouse. The macros record feature is essentially worthless. I have a mouse recorder program that can record clicks, movement and scrolling but I can't assign that macros to say the "1" button on this mouse. is there a better way to record a macros? When I try to record the instructions fill up with nonsense in approximately 1 second. thanks for any help.
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