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Version 3.23.66 update causing rear sounds to disappear


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I updated the Icue Software tonight to version 3.23.66.


After the update the sounds to the rear hemisphere disappear after 10-15 seconds in games.

I discovered this while playing IL-2 1946 after the Icue update.


I then tested this in 6 different/separate installs (none dependent upon the other) of IL-2 1946 from 4.12.2m to 4.14.1m both stock and modded versions. Without exception I lost the rear hemisphere sounds in every version. I have switched back and forth between Dolby Headphone to Stereo Headphone thinking I had to re-select Dolby Surround, but that did not fix the problem. I have cycled through all of the presets. I have rebooted the system and the problem persists.


I have been performing the update when getting a notification that an update is available or by checking for an update withing the iCUE dashboard so I do not have the previous software version saved to my computer. How can I get the previous version of this the Icue software so I can reinstall that version?


I have confirmed that this happens also in Silent Hunter 4 wolves of the pacific. All sounds to the rear disappear until the mouse look moves away from straight ahead.





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Confirmed problem is with the new iCue software.


Completely uninstalled the 3.23.66 software.


Played various installations of the game without the iCue software installed and windows drivers and I never lost sound to the rear when I looked straight ahead or any other direction.


I performed a clean install of the iCue software, flew various installs of IL-2 1946. As I flew straight ahead with three other aircraft in finger four formation I would lose sounds to the rear (surround) after 5-10 seconds. If I turned my head a few degrees left or right the sound came back to the previous volume. As long as I move my head around the sound remained. When I looked directly forward the rear sounds disappeared again. With the version of the iCue software and driver I had installed this problem did not occur. Only when I install v3.23.66 and the driver does this occur.


Where can I get immediate preceding version of iCue software and driver?

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