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Toggle macro starts on its own after toggled off.


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Hello, I have been having problems with my toggle macro. The events in the macro is as follows:

Key 6 press


Key 6 release


Key w press


Key w release


Key s press


Key s release

(repeat keys w and s with all their delays multiple times until ~2mins of execution)


>> then the macro is set as toggle and it's to constantly repeat

>> the whe macro is bound to Fn key on the keyboard

>> the macro sequence lets me press button key 6 then move forward and backward repeatedly until ~2mins mark then the whole thing is supposed to repeat until I press the Fn key again to turn it off.


What happened was, when I toggled the macro off, it was off for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then it starts again, all on it's own. Can anyone please help? I'm at my wit's end. Thanks in advance.


And oh, I have a Strafe RGB, Void pro and a M65 if it is gonna be relevant.

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