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Bad CMX512 - 3200LLPT

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I'm posting here in the hopes of getting one of them newfangled return numbers so that I can replace it. I guess I'll tell a short story.


I discover strangely enough that my computer is running at 1.2 gigahertz (with a pentium 4 2.4 gigahert processor... this is an abit ic7-g by the way). I hop into the bios, wonder why the FSB was set to half the speed, clock it up to full and I boot back up. MASSIVE INSTABILITIES, changing back to 1.2 gigahertz made it work fine. I got a memtest86 bootable disk, clocked up the fsb again to normal speed and ran the test.


I ran it first with both sticks (totall over 130 errors) and then with one stick each. The first stick had about 100, the second about 30 (give or take). I get some different ram to try and my computer works perfectly fine.


That's my story.


Edit: So I give them my post number when I register for the RMA... should I just sit tight for a little bit for ya'll to make sure that my problem is real or should I just send it in right now?


Edit2: What's the safest way that I can send my ram back? I don't really want to just throw it into a box... do they sell cheap static guard plastic or something somewhere?

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What you have posted would suggest some other problem; it would be unlikely you have 2 bad modules from us as they are all tested on a MB at their rated speed. Can you test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and I would load setup defaults in the bios and set the dim voltage to 2.7 Volts. If you still get errors I would test the modules on another system if you can.
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When I tested the voltage was (and still is) at 2.7. Perhaps I should have added this, when I found the instabilities I assumed that maybe there was another option that I hadn't messed with that would cause the instabilities (I don't really know much about overclocking... or underclocking) so I reset the defaults. The only thing that I changed from the defaults was disabling raid, the onboard sound, and making it possible to boot from my SATA hard drive.


Maybe it wasn't that clear in my first post, I did test them both together and then one at a time. 100 errors on one module and 30 on another (give it take)


I tried some different ram and ran memtest with the exact same mobo defaults and got 0 errors.


Edit: I don't really have another computer to test this one. The only other computer in the house is currently running PC133 ram.

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