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Not sure about which M2 slot for my Force Series™ (MP510) 1920GB M.2 SSD


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Greetings everyone,


Just orderer the Force Series™ MP510 1920GB M.2 SSD, and I was wondering about which M.2 slot on the motherboard bellow should I be setting the SSD card on:


- Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme Waterforce


I've got 2 options: M2P or M2A


According to forums, people seem to agree to set it in the M2P slot (which is the bottom one on the MB). But I got no real confirmation about which one is the best to go for. I'm novice in hardware stuff, and after that I'll put the cooling stuff above it so I'm scared to set it to the wrong slot and have issue later that make me force to remove it just to change the SSD slot.


Here is some pic that I've took to show a better understanding of what I'm talking about :





Thanks a lot for your advices ♥

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I have an Aorus Z390 Master mobo with three NVMe drives plus a couple of standard SSD drives. As long as you follow the rules in your mobo manual, you can easily avoid bus conflicts.


My comment relates to NVMe slot temps at idle...


M2M - Corsair MP510 - 35C

M2A - Corsair MP510 - 29C

M2P - Samsung 970 EVO+ - 33C (running Win10 OS)


Rather oddly, the second slot is the cooler of the three.

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