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Dark Core SE Mouse freezes regularly

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For the last couple of weeks I have been rebooting my Windows 10 machine after the mouse pointer just randomly freezes and will not come back. I am able to use the keyboard to save work and reboot at which point it comes back - for an hour or so, at which point it freezes again. Lather, rinse, repeat.


This morning I have come up with an easier fix, I moved the mouse cable from the port on the top of my K95 RGB Platinum keyboard to a spare USB port on the front of my case and the mouse woke up again - so that's a better "fix" than a reboot.


At this stage its only been 10 minutes so I don't know if the freezing problem is solved or not.


I do know that I no longer have RGB on my mouse. This isn't really a showstopper, but it does tell me all is not well - somewhere.


Both USB cables from the K95 keyboard are plugged in to USB 3.0 ports at the rear of my PC.


Obviously I need to wait and keep using the machine to see if the freezing is solved, but any other tips would be much appreciated !!

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OK, so a day after swapping my mouse connection to a case-front USB port I have had zero instances of the freezing problem, after a day of reasonably intense use.


Will keep it in the case port for the rest of today and then return it to the keyboard USB port to see if the problem returns.

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OK, Things just got weird......


After a couple of days of flawless performance of the mouse (no freezes whatsoever) with the mouse connected to the pass-through USB port on the top of my K95 Platinum keyboard, suddenly the mouse froze again.


Remembering that the last time it happened, moving the mouse connection to a case USB port worked and unfroze the mouse, I went to do the same thing again. The moment I touched the mouse USB connection the functionality came back. I didn't even need to unplug it from the keyboard, it was working fine.


But, at that point my keyboard stopped working. The keyboard cable (both USB connectors) are connected to the back of the PC, so straight into the backplane of the motherboard, into two USB 3 ports. Pulling both the keyboard connections out of the mobo ports and plugging them back in again to the same ports, fixed the keyboard so now keyboard and mouse are working again.


So its now looking to me like a dodgy USB connection. My mobo is an X-79 so its a few years old now. I only have 4 USB3 ports on the back (on the mobo IO panel) and none on the front of the case so I don't have a lot of choice regarding connections. I am in the middle of a new build which will replace this PC as I know its getting towards its EOL, but that's a while away from being finished, for the time being I need this machine to keep working.


Next time I might try swapping to the other 2 USB3 ports on the back and see if that makes a difference, but any other suggestions - I'm all ears !!

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I've been getting this exact same symptom with my mouse over the last few weeks. I've been using it via USB cable, since the battery life on the mouse is starting to show its age.


One thing I find removes the need to restart the PC or change ports is to just shut off the mouse, unplug the cable, and while holding down both left and right mouse buttons for about five seconds, plug the cable back in and then power back up the mouse. That fixes it in my case, but I'm still trying to figure out the source of the issue.


I'm believing it's either something going on with the mouse itself, something with the physical USB cable, or some kind of bug with the latest iCue (3.36.125 right now).


(I already got a replacement mouse, but the IT Tech Support person in me is dying to figure out what is causing this. The Windows event logs on the computer don't really record much when it happens.)

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I had the same issue. My mouse would sometimes just freeze up. A quick unplug and re plug would do the job. Ive tried calibrating through iCUE and factory resetting it. The mouse freezes at random. Some days it will work fine and others it will freeze every few seconds to minutes or every 30 minutes if Im lucky. I've re installed everything and changed computers. I did go for 6 months without an issue but its back. Time for a new mouse.


Now Ive tried USB with bluetooth. Just bluetooth and just USB. If forced firmware update and re installed software.

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I have tried hard and soft resets, holding the dpi up/down buttons when powering on (usually the only way I can get the mouse to work, albeit only for 5 seconds), multiple usb cables, and everything else I've found on the forums and google searches, but nothing seems to fix the issue for me.

Bluetooth settings show the mouse connected when it is unresponsive and frozen when using bluetooth mode, icue shows the mouse as active when in wireless mode, but the mouse simply does not work for more than a minute before locking up.

One thing I have noticed is that even when the device stays connected to the charging cable for 2+ hours, it still shows low battery. Wireless charging does the same thing.

Sad part is, I only got to use this mouse for about 3 hours after purchase before I started having the issue.

I let it sit on the shelf in my closet, hoping that with the next firmware update or icue software update there would be a fix. But here we are, still having the same issue.

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