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Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse 'Windows snapping'


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I've have been using Harpoon RGB Wireless for a couple of months now, good mouse overall

One issue I have been battling with that I didn't have with my previous mouse (Logitech M330) is that when I drag a window to other monitors, it activates the Aerosnap/Windows Snapping, I then have to continue pushing the windows forward and it goes to the second monitor or when getting closer to the edge of the screen i increase my hand motion speed.

I work with 3D and use both monitors constantly so its a very annoying 'feature', specially because I didn't experience this problem with any other previous mouse I had (Windows Snapping would still work but much more lightly).

Is it possible to decrease 'snapping' sensibility?





- Increasing DPI

- Reinstalling iCUE


Mouse Firmware v1.9.85

iCUE 3.22.74

Windows 10.0.18363

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