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iCUE software key duplication issue


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First time poster here, sorry for any formatting issues.


I recently wiped my computer and the last thing I re-installed was iCUE.


Before hand everything was working just fine as a simple plug and play mouse and keyboard.


However, now that iCUE is installed whenever I press keys 1-4 on the number row of the keyboard it duplicates or presses another key along with it.


For example this next line is what my direct inputs look like on number row. each keypress separated by a comma:


12, 21, 32, 41, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, - , =


and shift enabled


!@, @!, #@, $!, %, ^, &, *, (, ), _, +


So numbers 1-4 have problems

Oddly enough things seem to change on reboot as well.

At first 1-4 were adding an "=" next to them, then it was "-" and now it is simply pressing another key from 1-4


Keyboard: K95 RGB Firmware version 3.08

Mouse: Scimitar Firmware version 3.04


This issues DOES NOT occur when I force stop iCUE software.


Hope that is enough information to see if anyone can help






I removed the software and re-installed. Seemed to fix things. Should have done that first!


Sorry for forum clogging.

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That's OK. You have 50-60 friends also posting the same issue. Unfortunately, the clean install trick doesn't usually last. Sometimes you can clear things up by deleting any Actions you have parked in your Action Library, while leaving the profile assigned actions alone. However, macros and program launches seem to be more troublesome and can cause this wherever they exist. Further complicating the issue is the how it reacts differently based on the number of keys on your boards. An 18 G key K95 reacts differently to 6 key K95P to a K70 Mk.2 with no G-keys and a standard layout.


You can roll back to 3.21 where this issues doesn't exist, but unless you want to redo all your profiles or have a ready back up of the App Data folder from that time period, it may be more hassle then its worth. Profiles are not backwards compatible.

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