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CWC100-1000 120mm Fan Problem


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The 120mm fan for my newly installed CWC100-1000 does not appear to work. I have made the power connections correctly as far as I know--connector from PCI slot adapter connected to pump, molex connector from power supply to pump, and power cable from fan to PCI slot adapter. The pump works correctly, water circulates well, etc. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it without getting a new fan? Also, what is the purpose of the blue 3-pin cable (looks like a fan power cable) coming from the pump? Thanks for any help.


My system specs:

Abit AV8 motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU

2 x Corsair CMX512-4000Pro DIMM's

2 x Maxtor 6Y120M0 SATA HDD's

Plextor Plexwriter Premium CD-R/RW drive

Sony DDU1621 DVD-ROM

Antec True Blue 480W PSU

also running 3 x 80mm fans

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Make sure the molex conector pins are locked into the molex housing. A wire could be pushing out of the conector when you plug it into the power supply conector. Also try a different conector from the power supply. Also check to make sure nothing is binding or obstructing the fan. If none of those solve the problem, your fan is probably bad. The blue wire from the pump is a tach sensor wire. Plug it into a fan header on your M/B and your bios or monitoring software will read it as a fan speed in RPMs. Great way to monitor that your water system is working and to shut the system down if the pump stops working. Wish my COOL pump had one. Some kits went out with the blue tach wire on the pump, most did not. Feel lucky.
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Thanks for the help. I installed the fan guard with the concave side facing away from the fan due to the manual's instruction to (if I remember correctly) place the fan guard "in" the fan--this is most likely the problem. I am going to go and turn it around and see if that fixes things...
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