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HS70 Pro Wireless FW v0.01

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And still no updates are released?

I have a problem of auto shutdown even though I'm using the headphones and audio is coming out of the speakers.

I have last version of iCUE 3.33.246.


Will we ever see a fix for this?


Yeah mine dosent work properly either I had to left it OFF.


Very strange that theres no updates, not even one.

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Well, I mean the headphones are great, but the software is junk. I think I'd be embarrassed releasing firmware at version 0.01, I mean in what professional business is 0.01 considered a full release? None.

The software doesn't even show the battery status in the taskbar...come on, basic stuff.

Still again, sound is great on these things, but please update to fix bugs and provide a basics like battery status, without having to click three times to get to it :(

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headphones buggy as ****! sometimes wont switch on even though i can hear the tone but nothing switches on. now they wont switch on at all even though the software sees the headphones but even the voice doesnt say connected or link established. cant force update as the software just says please connect headphones even though they are plugged in at the back of my computer. Sounds great, software ****!!!! love the brand but support is lacking!

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